Welcome to W.O.M.B ,Women Of Maternal Beauty. In1993 I have begun this journey through a fascination with my own pregnancy form, carrying our first daughter. Back then I could not find a portrait studio that was advertising the service of maternity portraits, except JC Penny…:)

As a photographer, I decided to start one myself. For18 years I operated ’Pregnancy Portraits studio’ out of our converted four car garage in Encino. It allowed me to be home with our three children while maintaining a successful business. 

After a 10 year detour into the fashion world, I am inspired to ‘re-turn’ my lens onto this niche. Thanks to many of my wonderful clients who have kept in touch throughout the years sending pictures of their grown ‘babies’, I’ve realizing just how rewarding it has been.

By creating an environment that helps connect mother and baby I strive to capture the divine beauty in each woman.

I believe that happy and stress free mothers create happier babies, thus planting the seeds for a more beautiful world.

For more information on sessions in my Culver city studio please contact me at 818-731-5281. I can’t wait to hear from you!