“Rachel’s insight to the stunning beauty of childbirth is breathtaking and inspiring. She lifts the pregnant body up

and gives it the respect it deserves”.

Melissa Etheridge


‘There are times when you have to open your heart and mind and listen to what the universe is telling you to discover great truths.

Even if they are about yourself. When my wife,Yvonne, and I first started dating, she was ambivalent about having children.

When we were surprised and gifted with a child, it was wonderful to watch not only her acceptance, but the profound joy that she felt at

becoming a mother grow just as the life within her continued to grow until her bump and her pride were undeniable and glorious.

Yvonne has never been overly aware of her beauty, but it amazed me even more that she herself couldn’t see how absolutely stunning

she had become in her pregnancy. I knew that we had to document this wonderful time not only for us but for our baby.

We were very fortunate to find Rachel Jeraffi on the internet and were immediately taken with the sensitivity and beauty of her images.

Rachel insured that our shoot was nurturing and fun and the resulting photos are, in my ind, nothing short of art. It is, therefore, not surprising

that Rachel has compiled many of these images and poetry of her thoughts into this beautiful book. ‘Hope is Within’ radiates with the joy of

motherhood and the hope and wonder of new souls under construction. The commonality and the sisterhood of their shared experience is the

thread that connects all of these women from diverse backgrounds, of differing ages and various experiences and creates a mosaic that is beautiful

to behold and inspiring to those, both women and men, who know what it is like to help create a life.

Yvonne and I are proud not only to know Rachel but to be included in this beautiful ode to motherhood’.

Lou Diamond Phillips


‘This is a great gift for your wife. Seriously, I never thought this would mean so much to her. I am so glad we took pregnancy portraits with

Rachel Jeraffi….and the pictures….I love them all! I recommend hiring her services…you will be loved forever’!

Keyshawn Johnson


‘We of the human race, represent uncharted, nor counted the number of births, which have been ‘produced’ in the history of mankind.

However, when my friend Rachel Jeraffi, created an illustrated volume on her photographs of sparkling portraits of pregnant women, I was

astounded with her portrayal of the phenomenon of childbirth!

Surely, a one-of-a kind. Such expression! As a photographer of architecture, I have never associated my observation of pregnancy as I have

on viewing Jeraffi’s brilliant volume.

Julius Shulman


‘The book of exquisite photos went deeply into my heart. It is a true remembrance of the miracle, the love, the oneness with god- this sacred

experience of pregnancy. No words can say the feeling that touched my heart. With love’,